Rupert Murdoch is the Devil.

Rupert Murdoch is the Devil. Myspace is the most searched for keyword for 2006. The implecations are enormous. The man who owns and runs News Corps, Faux Broadcasting, The New York Post, and a whole other range of media properties, most notably

Effectcivly, because of this,  we are  handing over every aspect of our lives both personal and social to corporations which will only use this information to devise more ways to manipulate us and tell us whats cool and what isnt. Look at poor Greta Van Sustrenchausenbergerteinman or whatever. I remember when OJ she looked Ill, I mean she had some wierd growth around her lip , she had her ears all fucked up. Now , you look at her and it seems like they ran her thru a machine or something. Beware people Beware


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