SEO Class a huge success!

I have to say , the guys and girls over at SEO class get a big thumbs up from me and my wife Janet Forte Aka Yogini .

We both took advantage of everything the class had to offer. I can say with all certainty that it was beneficial for all of our Non profit work.  The class touched up on very important points both beginner and intermediate. The one thing that I would have like to see was more advanced topics.  But, hey!  maybe next time. right?  The class was broken down into various modules, and each of the presenters spoke about an hour discussing their forte. Ex: Brad Geddes , the PPC mastermind  AKA ewhisper ,, did a very informative discussion on paid advertisement. I would have loved for his presentation to go on for hours. Now, I will make a point of catching his Google Adwords Seminars.  The next best part , was Michael Gray AKA graywolf,, he did a presentation on social media which was also very informative. He really came off very personable.  Honestly, the most impressive thing of all, was how personable, friendly and knowledgeable  all of the presenters were. Especially Brad, Rae, Michael and Todd.

Greg was a different  story, he was constantly obsessed with time , interrupting everyone and making Academy Award style gestures to “wrap it up”. It seemed everytime someone other than him was giving quality advice , he would say” ok then!  lets move on” , or “lets ask those questions at the bar”, over and over it was quite annoying. But the other presenters made up for his rudeness.

 All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and recommend that anyone, either beginners or intermediate level , take advantage of such a classy and smart group of SEO’s and register for their next event in NYC May 17-18


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