IGoogle? you mean like Ipod, or Iphone? what the?

So now Google Personalized Homepage is Igoogle! Thats to wierd. I think personlized homepage was fine, or soemthing like that. But Igoogle.

Well anyways, heres a post over at GOOGLE BLOGSCOPED of a seminare they had over at the Googplex.

Google Blogscoped-Igoogle

From what I see they are also adding a mybloglog like feature called: Mycommunity

heres a fulllist of all google gadgets

Google gadgets 

There is also going to be a build your own gadget feature! Which is cool! But hmmm! Yahoo Pipes seems much cooler. Honestly Seems to me, Google is getting behind the times, with this stuff. They are becoming what they hate! like Microsoft@!


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