Another late SMX posting…Notes by Bruce Clay on Brad Geddes

More SMX Goodness from, A recap of Pump up your Paid Search , including Brad Geddes!


My strongest experience being in the paid search industry, I really do love to hear Brad. He offers such great insight into the intricacies of paid search marketing. You gotta love it.



Matt Cutts You & A from SMX 2007

Although I’m a bit late I’m going to be posting alot of the postings and notes posted aroung from SMX. Today is notes on Matt Cutts . It really is pretty good , at least its a chance to pick the brain of the SERPS Troll!

Thanks! Gray Wolf!

I want to give a shout out to GrayWolf over at

An awesome site I have on the top of my Google homepage! You know I wish i could work out a deal that everytime i write or say Google I would get a buck! Anyways it really is a great site that covers a bunch of online marketing material, written by a seemingly cool and very knowledgeable guy.  I also happened to attend the SEOclass, which is over here:

Now that also happens to be an awesome event which I was lucky enough to attend for free. Soooooo.

He hooked it up and posted a link to my post about how great SEO class was. And it was just a mutual link love fest, .. Im just kidding but it was just cool to get a link from someone I’ve been reading for a while. Even if its just for  SEOclass Shameless Self promotion. 

New AdWords Seminar for Success

Google has announced a whole new set of Adwords seminars being help by Brad Geddes and Anastasia Holden. Here is the link to the genral info:

New  locations:

 Actually I was hoping for Google to do one in Miami or somewhere else in South Florida, I guess Orlando, Florida is south, but not as south as I would like. I strongly recomend catching Brads’ lecture, he is always very informative and knowledgable. I caught him at SEO class, and it was a delight. Also check out his blog , which is chock full of great info:

Live from NYC!!

Since I will be taking off to NYC to attend the SEO class, I will be posting live from NYC-SEO class. I will be taking advantage of all that modern technology has to offer and be making small postings during any breaks during the class. Keep checking in, during Fri March 23, 2007 from 9-4 to stay up to date on all the latest happenings at the inaugural SEO class for Non profits. Cant wait!  Ill also be posting pix of the event and of all the super cool people I will be meeting.