“Improvement to the Top Ad Placement Formula for Google Adwords”???

“Google Adwords is changing how high quality ads are selected for top positions above Google search results.

This is Google’s angle on why they are changing how our ads rank and how much we pay for the top spots. What this statement from Google actually translates into in laymens terms, is another method for them to to artificially raise our CPC ‘s for no apparent reason other than a whim.


To me, seems like just a ploy to trick the poor fools that will pay an already unreasonable amount in some industries, for the top 2 spots, into paying even more than they already do.

Seems like there is an internal campaign at Google to push everyones CPC up. I deal with 3 different reps for various accounts. Each one on a separate occasion in the last 2 weeks, gave me the same pitch about having to raise my CPC becuase of my Quality Score. ‘Oh”, I said to one of them, ” my Quality score is Great on those ad groups?” Her answer was quite amusing! She proceeded to tell me that the Quality Score on the interface is not the Quality Score they use in their Adwords algo. Obviously I was floored, and I asked her to elaborate, but of course she didn’t!

Anyways check out Google’s own words on this and tell me what you think!



Google Pay Per Action and my opinions!

Well I know I always post about Google, and I cant help it. I deal with them alot. I like them a lot. Yes their a for profit company, yes they can do better regarding click fraud, yes they can be more transparent regarding their algo, but really they do provide us with  a lot of tools and information. In my opinion, they have MS playing catch up! and that’s a first!

Anyhow, I’m signing up for Google Pay per Action  Beta


Ill keep everyone posted as to how it works. I’m thinking it might be the best option for my current project at EFlyaway.com.

Google Analytics Certification

Google is currently offering a new program. They haven’t done such a great job at promoting it. But it nonetheless, it is a fantastic opportunity for people within our industry to gain some other certifications from Google. Also below , I have a link to google analytics university. It also has alot of great info, regarding Google analytics program. I have taken all of the courses and find that all though I had worked extensively with GA, I still learned alot.



Also in all fairness, clicktracks is also offering certification courses.