Google Analytics Certification

Google is currently offering a new program. They haven’t done such a great job at promoting it. But it nonetheless, it is a fantastic opportunity for people within our industry to gain some other certifications from Google. Also below , I have a link to google analytics university. It also has alot of great info, regarding Google analytics program. I have taken all of the courses and find that all though I had worked extensively with GA, I still learned alot.

Also in all fairness, clicktracks is also offering certification courses.


Young SEO???

As I was doing my competetive benchmarking on Google and Local search marketing in Miami , you know scoping out the competetion. I typed in Miami SEO. and low and behold

What the, has this been going on for a while. Does anyone know where Google is pulling this info from. Now heres my concern, first its Google Local, then Google PhoneBook, then Google base-where are the organic results going to be 2nd page. With Google capatilizing on all of the real estate of the ” gold triangle”, and searchers making prime SERP’s real estate smaller and smaller. What will happen?