Google gets slammed by CEO for screwing up their traffic and revenue!

This is quite interesting!   Default provider of definitions linked from Google results pages,, is slamming Google for the so called “Google Dance” Saying its arbitrary changes in its algorithim is causing their traffic to drop substantialy. It has affected them so much, their CEO is making public statments becuase there is speculation that tis drop in traffic on, substantially decreases their value.  Serious stuff! As much as I hate to say it, I smell a Google revolt coming soon , from the general population. Something like the MS revolt circa Windows 2000.


Origins of steaprok….

I have come to see my SEO/SEM career as a mutation of a very nasty hobby I picked
up as a young teenager, GRaffiti. Seeing the work that I do on sites, my blog
my surname”steaprok”, my info, pop up on the search engines
gives me the same rush I used to gt when I drove benearth
the highway underpass, and I saw in think, dripping black spray paint
“steaprok”. The same rush of adrenaline, and dopamine. Almost
addictive! To know that I can in one way or
another “manipulate” a site or a document, and then watch it pop
up in the first results sometimes within days. So it all makes sense to me why I
continued to us th same tag I used in those days, as my SEO screen name.

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Young SEO???

As I was doing my competetive benchmarking on Google and Local search marketing in Miami , you know scoping out the competetion. I typed in Miami SEO. and low and behold

What the, has this been going on for a while. Does anyone know where Google is pulling this info from. Now heres my concern, first its Google Local, then Google PhoneBook, then Google base-where are the organic results going to be 2nd page. With Google capatilizing on all of the real estate of the ” gold triangle”, and searchers making prime SERP’s real estate smaller and smaller. What will happen?