Google giving out Cannabis? ( Yes for this is for real)

Google is going green with its online store and by selling good ole Cannabis products. From hoodies to footies, Google store has all your hemp needs. Check out the flix below! I dont know how far they want to take this whole Hippie Dippie All you need is live schtict, but they are even selling pens called Summer of Love Wide Body Pens  I think they’re supposed to get you off. Possibly dipped in a secret formula Google’s been conjuring up @ Google Labs

I wonder if they take showers @ Google and if the female Googlers let their leg and armpit hairs grow naturally. I can see it nowthough  , Matt with a Pyrex Two Hiter Bong , Phish on his laptop blaring.
Marisa Mayer dancing across the desks, flailing her arms around, hair flying freely in the cool Google breeze. Is that what they want us to believe? That Serge and Larry and Eric are sitting outside on the lawn in a circle , passing a doobie and  chaning OM. Yeah right!

This is a 25 billion dollar empire, I hardly think this is the case. So , why then, why they trying to run this cheap elemntary type game on us,

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Radiohead Inrainbows “revolutionary” album launch, starts with a snag!Their Download Site Crashed

Well there it is. The much heralded Inrainbows release by Radiohead, has started with a big snag. The Radiohead, download site ,  has crashed. Yep! That’s right on the first day of their launch, the first day people are supposed to start downloading the new album, for whatever price they choose, is down. I have been trying for over 3 hours and nothing. I got in once and time out.  The funny thing is in a comment at SEOBook , eoghano  , predicted just that.  And honestly, I balked at it, thinking how would Radiohead allow that to happen. But they did.  Now the question is this. Will this serve as PR for Radiohead and continue the buzz created by their “name the price” album download? or will people get turned off and just “F” the whole process and just download it for free! Either way Ill play the game and continue to try!

Seth Godin Video Interview on Web 2.0 ( Great Stuff )

Honestly, I love Seth Godin. I strongly suggest everyone view this interview. A very rare in detail interview covering a brief history of Online Marketing , and the internet’s transformation into Web 2.0.

He also posits on the future evolutions of the web and where Social Media is headed. He discusses everything from Digg, Reddit, Blogs, Squidoo and more.. ENJOY!

Big ups to Seth Godin.

Finally the truth about Wikipedia’s master plan to take over the world EXPOSED!(Ok maybe not)

Today on NPR, @ 5am, I was jumping up and down in my car. There I was half asleep , going to get my coffee and I heard it. The editor of Wired Magazine doing a piece called Wikipedia Exposed. When I got home CNN, was also running the same piece.

It was fantastic except for one thing. They failed to follow thru by adding that not only is Wikipedia full of Crap, literally, but they are also the #1 result on Google for tons of very important keywords. Making them the defacto authority on ALOT of subjects. What is the outcome? Alot of misinformed people!! I guess we can call them Wiki Nation!

Here is the article:

Here is the Wiki IP Scanner by Virgil Griffith.

Here is a list of Wikipedia users like Chevron, Scientology and the NRA , most salacious edits. From Dell removing customer service issues, to New York Times being edited by The Gaurdian to the New York Times editing Condelezza Rice’s info. This stuff is hilarious.

” Griffith thus downloaded the entire encyclopedia, isolating the XML-based records of anonymous changes and IP addresses. He then correlated those IP addresses with public net-address lookup services such as ARIN, as well as private domain-name data provided by

The result: A database of 34.4 million edits, performed by 2.6 million organizations or individuals ranging from the CIA to Microsoft to Congressional offices, now linked to the edits they or someone at their organization’s net address has made.”

“Improvement to the Top Ad Placement Formula for Google Adwords”???

“Google Adwords is changing how high quality ads are selected for top positions above Google search results.

This is Google’s angle on why they are changing how our ads rank and how much we pay for the top spots. What this statement from Google actually translates into in laymens terms, is another method for them to to artificially raise our CPC ‘s for no apparent reason other than a whim.

To me, seems like just a ploy to trick the poor fools that will pay an already unreasonable amount in some industries, for the top 2 spots, into paying even more than they already do.

Seems like there is an internal campaign at Google to push everyones CPC up. I deal with 3 different reps for various accounts. Each one on a separate occasion in the last 2 weeks, gave me the same pitch about having to raise my CPC becuase of my Quality Score. ‘Oh”, I said to one of them, ” my Quality score is Great on those ad groups?” Her answer was quite amusing! She proceeded to tell me that the Quality Score on the interface is not the Quality Score they use in their Adwords algo. Obviously I was floored, and I asked her to elaborate, but of course she didn’t!

Anyways check out Google’s own words on this and tell me what you think!

Google gets slammed by CEO for screwing up their traffic and revenue!

This is quite interesting!   Default provider of definitions linked from Google results pages,, is slamming Google for the so called “Google Dance” Saying its arbitrary changes in its algorithim is causing their traffic to drop substantialy. It has affected them so much, their CEO is making public statments becuase there is speculation that tis drop in traffic on, substantially decreases their value.  Serious stuff! As much as I hate to say it, I smell a Google revolt coming soon , from the general population. Something like the MS revolt circa Windows 2000.

100%, Sure Fire Pointers to increase conversions with Landing Page Optimization. – Pt 1

Landing Page Optimization is an essential part of any post click marketing strategy. And because it’s fairly easy to set up a PPC campaign and drive traffic to a web page. It’s not so simple to convert those clicks into money. From simple one step form pages to longer conversion paths or sales funnels, there are elements that have always improved performance of landing pages every time I’ve used them. Below I will highlight some of them. We have 8 – 12 seconds or less to retain a visitor once they click on our ad, nothing is to small or unimportant in a landing page.

Give the visitor what they came looking for. If they typed in ‘Cancun Vacation Specials”, then make sure the client sees the same keywords that were queried within the ad copy, the landing pages and/or the display URL. If you have to, use Dynamic Keyword Insertion to make it easier. This simple but effective tip is proven to increase conversions and CTR’s. If you don’t already have it, organize your keywords into themed ad groups. This makes it easier to target the content of the ad copy and landing page with the keywords within the ad group. . As a general rule of thumb, the more specific and the more targeted your ad text, and your landing pages, the better they perform. To highlight this I tested 3 versions of ads and landing pages for the same keyword. All 3 versions were relevant, only 1 had the exact same keyword in the ad and in the landing page; it had 10% better Click Thru Rate., and 2% higher conversion rate.

Don’t make people scroll to find what they came looking for; put your specials, taglines, and other important content above the fold. With such a short timeframe to capture the visitors attention. Don’t make them work harder by having to scroll around to find the price or vital info. Also don’t make visitors have to think too much to start the conversion process. Make it intuitive and simple. Whenever possible keep the sign up form on the landing pages. If your selling a product, test different “add to cart” buttons and text. You’ll be surprised how drastically this can affect your conversions. If you do put the form on the landing page, keep It Simple. Don’t load up your landing page with 27 form fields with tons of text. People are generally NOT looking to work harder than they have too. Large forms look like a lot of work. Long blocks of text, look like allot of work too.

Strip your landing pages of as much navigational bars or outbound links from your regular site, as possible. This is usually a point of contention with site owners and web developers. It’s hard to drop your lofty dreams of having people peruse your online store, as they indiscriminately add items into their shopping cart, in awe of the wide variety of products you have on your site. This doesn’t happen!! People are in a rush. They are looking for something; they know exactly what they are looking for. If they typed in ‘red alloy 3 inch widgets”, they don’t want to see the list of all your products. They want to see a picture of a “red alloy 3” widget”, with the price, and a big, obvious. Process to follow to buy or get more information, period. Everything else is just distraction from the goal. Don’t dilute your message; you’ve gotten them this far, focus!

Don’t scare the visitors into bouncing out. Keep your landing pages simple and focused. Cluttered or hard to read copy or cluttered and bad resolution pictures play a large factor in visitors’ decision to stay or bail. Try and use 10pt to12pt font. Also keep your key selling points or key information in bulleted points if possible. You can summarize your longer copy by highlighting its key points or benefits. As a rule of thumb most people won’t read all of the text you so painstainkingly have written. We are lucky if they read the first sentence and the last sentence, which by the way is usually how people read longer text online.

Rule of thumb: People usually don’t react well to WE. We are the best, we believe in safety, we make things happen, we, we, we. In fact, check out the We-We calculator

Establish Trust and Authority. Testimonials are key. Please use real testimonials, fake ones stand out. And really if you use pictures use real pics, avoid using clip art for testimonials. Place trade association logos, BBB, versign, Etrust, etc appropriately on the landing page. I don’t mean use them all, I mean depending on your industry use them appropriately. In addition, try and make your physical address and phone number highly visible. This also helps with assuring visitors your legit, and should they run into an issue, that you are accessible. Make sure you have a visible link to your privacy and return policies.

Once we pass all the hurdles to the conversion, we also have opportunities to tailor further messages to the visitor. Now, with the benefit of them being a client. Take advantage of the thank you / success page. Now is the time to show the client the other services/products you offer. Offer them a coupon for their next purchase, have them join your email list, have them enter a contest; take this opportunity to get closer to them and gather more relevant info for your future marketing efforts.

In part 2, I will discuss optimization of the forms, usability, copy, and more. Feel free to add your feedback and other optimization tips for landing pages.